Voice Over for eLearning

  • 19 January 2022
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Hi all, I just wanted to share an e-learning related highlight from last year. It was discovering Well Said Labs, which is software for creating AI generated audio files (which we then import in to Adobe Captivate e-learning).

It sounds so much better than the voices that come with Captivate, it’s quicker than recording a person reading from a script and if your eLearning module gets updated, you don’t need to use the same person to update the audio file as you would if you recorded a real person. There are over 20 voices to choose from, why not check it out now?


PS, this is an altruistic shout out, the Firm or I derive no benefit from people signing up - I just wish I’d known about it earlier so am sharing this with you. 


3 replies

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We were experimenting with it a while ago and the results were very good, not all voices are equally good, but there were a few decent options. We have it on our wish-list for future purchases ;-)

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Of all the text to speech options out there - I would have to say that WellSaid offers the best turnout.

My preference still goes to recording myself but it came in handy when I needed a dozen different characters for a Phone Etiquette training I put together.

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Thanks for this. It’s great that they specifically say that they allow commercial use. We wanted to use Google’s Text-to-Speech service, but we couldn’t get a clear answer from them regarding whether commercial use was allowed. In the end, we signed up with a third party provider that was using Google voices.