Weekend Warriors!

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It’s either getting late on Friday or it’s really early on Saturday for the Community so I wanted to shout out to all you Weekend Warriors! :sunglasses:

To all you hard working people that are working late or working over the weekend while everyone else seems to be off doing non-work stuff or sleeping in... :star: you are a rock star:star:

Thank you for the hard work, so when the rest of us show up on Monday the world hasn’t blown up.


To get you through this weekend, let’s do a vibe check. What are you listening (music:musical_note: ? podcasts? whale noises:whale: ???) to help you get through the work? What shows are on (in the background, of course) while you toil away? Are you wearing your lucky :palm_tree: Aloha:palm_tree: shirt?  Share what’s going on for you over the weekend and what are your tricks to not go crazy while working!



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