What is the whackiest workflow YOU support?

  • 5 November 2021
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When I started in the business of learning management 8 years ago, I didnt know how to say no as effectively or as eloquently as I do today. It was a workflow to support a team in a lab collect that essentially had a quarterly “competency checklist” in a PDF format. That PDF was going to be attached as an assignment and used a step that wasn’t really a full workflow, but one that helped to support a one time vetting of the PDF attachment by the supervisor.

Well...I can tell you...it only kinda worked….I didnt even know how to talk to the “consulting services” portion of the team...I only knew that I was only praying that my customer would not adopt because it was awkward at best - and it would have been a huge lift to keep supporting it.

What makes it intriguing? Is I wanted to support a workflow that wasnt even close to making really good sense inside of the learning system….and when it was demoed? People were polite but were able to poke holes in it pretty quickly.

Eventually, the lead of project left with the department and I was given an “administrative bye”...phew...I didnt have to really fight the fight staying in the box? Or work with a brittle integration that was going to need a high level of monitoring.

And so - I ran into a few other doozies, but eventually became protective of domain and scope in a very effective way.

And so I pose the question to you. What is the most awkward worklow you are supporting?

1 reply

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Not even a small whack-y doo one? Lol….maybe I should just close the discussion...