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  • 14 January 2022
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Hi all,

We recently ran a few tests using ILT in Docebo. There’s definitely some issues with ILT (and vILT) and I wanted to post these here in case someone at Docebo is listening. ILT is overly complicated in general and the end user experience leaves A LOT to be desired. Here are some of my findings.


End User Issues:

  • Two different interfaces if users are enrolled vs. not enrolled into the vILT course.
  • Issue if user is assigned more than one session. Difficult to find and launch session.
  • Course calendar entry in Docebo sends users to the entire list of entries, instead of the one they clicked on. Very frustrating if many sessions are listed.
  • Calendar issue when user clicks on an event calendar link within Docebo. It creates another calendar within Outlook. Only happens when user clicks the link in Docebo, not the confirmation email .ics file, which adds to the primary calendar.
  • There is overlapping text on the drop-down menu above the enroll button.
  • Shows PLAY button after enrollment and wasn’t 100% intuitive since it’s an ILT.
  • If user changes session, they get two different emails; one saying they are unenrolled and one saying they are enrolled into the new session. However, users must click the unenrolled email .ics attachment to remove this calendar entry. It might get confusing for users who forget to do this and still have the old session in their calendar.
  • Overwhelming for users to see all sessions listed for the year. We tried splitting them up by quarter, but this presented other issues since it wasn't easy to change a session to another one.
  • Not intuitive how to change session or unenroll. The system lacks labelling for the icons.

Administrative Issues:

  • There isn't a notification to send to assigned instructors by default. If instructors change or ones added, no notification is triggered.
  • vILT is complicated with the Session > Event structure. For each session, you need to create an event as well (doubling the work). E.g. most platforms allow creation of sessions with all of the necessary info. there.
  • Batch updating sessions and events isn't easy. There is no way to download existing session/event information to a CSV file to make batch updates.
  • Email notifications lack distinction between ILT (which would contain location information) and vILT (which would have a link). Only one template available for all.
  • MS Teams integration stopped working all of the sudden. Needed to change a setting (MS Teams Webinar to MS Teams Meeting). Odd that nothing changed, but stopped working.

3 replies

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Here are a few screenshots with comments as pictures can speak a thousand words sometimes :)

Wasn’t 100% intuitive that I was supposed to select a session from the drop down to enroll. Kept trying to find the Enroll button within the session info area rather than looking up at the top right. Drop down wasn’t super easy to see because was on top of the text.
Not sure why the ILT has a Play button when I registered for a future event.
Not clear to user what these menu items do. Would be nice to change session, unenroll right in the session box, not hidden and out of the way here.


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Thank you so much for compiling this comprehensive list! We and our learners struggle with most of these issue regularly. 

I hope the Docebo team appreciate your effort and bring this to their development team. 

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Thanks Anders! Hopefully ILT will get some much-needed improvements. It’s a mess in my opinion and difficult to administer when we have lots of sessions to plan.