Workday Integration - API vs Docebo Automation App

  • 9 November 2021
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Has anyone used an API for integration with Workday and knows of advantages of using an API rather than the Docebo Automation Application? 

6 replies

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Hi @tmsully2 - there are plusses and minuses to both approaches. Let me add both and see what you think. I am practicing getting my yoda down about the product, but lets see if this helps.

Docebo Automation App
can be configured with a ftp/sftp site and a file being put on it to run various operation. It is great for “bulk loading” your user base. Think “flat file”. A report from A becomes your user base in B.

+ can load more than just user demographic files.

+ can pull off some more complex operations when you look really into it (changing usernames for your demographic, assigning direct reporting structures, assigning to branches and power user profiles, etc) as well as discrete ways of maintaining courses from other sources.

+ can be a little daunting when you are starting with it (you really need to get it down), but it is doable without a developer
+ can get feedback from a successful or failed file loaded

- can get flakey on you (it is the best way to describe it) and you may need to open a ticket when it does so
- can get frustrating on your first few tries (I had to do something kind of old fashioned and introduced a technical resource during our implementation to help figure out an sftp configuration)

API Integration

+ can pull off things that you just cannot do with the Docebo Automation App (you are not nearly as bound by the operations of the Automation App any more)
+ can make connecting to your learners records a pleasure
+ can assist with near real-time changes from your source
+ can make you sound very sophisticated in meetings (lol)
+ you can test and trial the API for your instance in a pretty straight forward way compared to other platforms
+ you can engage professional services internal and external to Docebo for assistance (at a cost)
- if you are not technically savvy? You may throw your hands up when someone says API Integration (heck I know I do)
- Maximum of 1000 REST calls per hour can cause an issue for those with alot of API traffic
- APIs sound neat, but they are getting kind of noisy at large places and at places that are mature with using APIs are needing levels of governance and management. There are now platforms helping to manage API calls for organizations.

Hope this helps.




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Thanks @dklinger !  Greatly appreciate your perspective and the time you took to respond.  :thumbsup_tone2:

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We implemented a two-way integration with Workday via api last year. All things considered, it is working very well. Going that route allowed us to create a series of calculated fields: i.e., Tenure-based groups & enrollment rules going into Docebo from Workday and eLearning and ILT course durations combined into a single field in Workday.

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Hey @tmsully2 @telias @dklinger - Ryan here.

I work in Integrations Products at Docebo and thought I’d pop in and say a few words about the Workday Connectors we have available in Docebo Connect.

Although the connector comes at a small price, adopting one can significantly reduce the software development and IT efforts on your end. 

  • Provides all of the benefits of an API integration without the overhead of development
  • Example workflows available, which can be edited/tailored to your business needs
  • Offers much greater flexibility than the automation app in terms of business logic
  • Can be used in multi-app workflows to automate things in Docebo and beyond

Please let me know if you’d like to try it out or discuss further!

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@tmsully2 did you implement the API integration for Workday?  If so, how do you like it?

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​​​​​@kcanderson & @tmsully2 would also like to know. Does this integration syncs user data dynamically (e.g. more than 1 times a day)? :)