Coach & Share "Invite to Watch"

  • 16 September 2022
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Anyone who currently has Coach & Share or is considering purchasing it, please check out the details on the Idea titled - "Invite To Watch" Disable option - where any learner has the ability to send mass notifications to ALL learners in your platform. There is no way for us to disable this feature, so if you are using Coach & Share and not aware or are considering purchasing it, please check out the Idea and upvote it in hopes that we can get some movement to get this changed. Thank you!



1 reply

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We also have this issue and I’ve upvoted the idea, but there don’t seem to be many upvotes.  I believe there are some updates to notifications coming - they really need to be much more configurable for us to be able to use them effectively.

  • We would like to disable the ability to ‘invite all to watch’ on specific channels
  • We would also like to be able to fine tune the notification for a specific channel, so that we can limit the audience, or limit the ability of individuals to send the invitation to watch, perhaps to specific individuals, or maybe people in their branch.
  • It would also be great to enable colleagues to subscribe to notifications for a particular channel - or remove the notifications that they don’t want to receive.

It’s useful to have the notification, but only if we can avoid spamming thousands of colleagues’ inboxes, when the content is not necessarily of immediate interest to them.