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  • 23 February 2022
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Hi there, 

I’d like to suggest a Docebo Bootcamp for members, for us to learn more about current features and new releases. The format can be a weeklong one hour live session per day, walking us through things like the new Skills dashboard, and features such as how to make the most of widgets for page creation, design thinking, etc.


I think this will be an amazing value add to your product and service, and will help us make the most of the platform. All in favour please upvote! 

Thank you! 


6 replies

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Since I can’t edit my post - just wanted to add that the Bootcamps can be intensive training sessions and not just promotion pieces, for paying members/ companies that are subscribed to the service. 

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Hey @Nazneen Halim! I love this idea. We’re eager to offer more live training to customers since our release readiness webinars have been so well-received in the past.


While we’re not quite ready to offer full weeklong bootcamps, we’ll be increasing the number of live events we host this year, starting with our first DU Live session on Managing & Automating Enrollments.


You can learn more about this event here:



Keep an eye out in the community for more similar events in the future. And know that we’d love to do more of a “bootcamp style” series as you suggested! 

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Howdy @Nazneen Halim . This is not a vendor pitch, but a community member pitch.

ESkillz also offers once a month best practice webinars. They are for free and open to the community.

Openly - you do hear about ESkillz services that are available? But that is only a brief portion of the actual presentation and quite a few members of the community do attend these. I promise it is worth the trip.

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I didn’t know about these @dklinger ! Will need to check out!

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I have just stumbled across this post, and I do remember accessing a recording of a webinar from ESkillz about 1.5 years ago possibly?  Will have to get back into them as it is always useful hearing best practice!

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Good timing @Neil Patterson! It just so happens that there’s another one tomorrow on Coach & Share best practices featuring our very own @colin.schott. Here’s a link to register