Docebo university - I cannot get any eLearning content going

  • 14 September 2021
  • 4 replies

I cannot move forward with eLearning in docebo university. I use chrome as web browser. I get a blank screen after clicking on start elearning.  

4 replies

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Hi @aruntg I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulties but if you could open a ticket with Learning and Support within your platform with the following information we’ll be able to resolve the issue. 

Username in DU

Name of the course or courses that you’re experiencing difficulty accessing.

Brief description of the experience you’re having

If possible a full screenshot including the URL of error you’re receiving



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@aruntg, were you able to create a ticket? Has your issue been resolved?

Hello Thanks...I did resolve it myself, it was my ad blockers and pop up blockers which I had to disable.

Thanks for checking.

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Ok, great! You’re welcome!