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How can I create a learning path, NOT LEARNING PLAN?

  • 12 August 2022
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Dear community;

I have created two learning plans LP-A and LP-B and between these 2 LP’s there are two courses that do not belong to any learning plan ( topics are completely different) 




I want users follow the learning path ( above ). They need to start with LP-A  and finish all the courses  to continue with Course 1  and so on, I want to restric access to the courses unless they complete them in the right order, but I dont want  to link them in a single learning plan

How can I Prerequisite Learning plans with the  courses without creating a learning plan ?

I waant a learning path, not learning plan 


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Question, are Learning plan a and b being used for other purposes as well and that’s why you want them to remain as separate groupings? Otherwise, it’s kind of semantics here, and you could think of the learning plan as a learning path to handle your locks/ plans and just name things and put thumbnails to create a visual of the groupings. 

another route is to assign learning plan a, have some sort of assessment at the end of it, when the last course is completed set an enrollment rule to add course A, set an enrollment rule for complete course a enrolls b, set enrollment rule for complete course b enrolls learning plan b. Should get you to what you are trying to do. 

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1st . Yes Plans A and B should remain as separate groupings

2nd I’ll try the enrollment rules . Thanks!! 


I would´ve thought with automations you could do that. “Once you finish your course, automatically the next one is assigned”. This feature is great, but too limited  

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We use learning plans to cluster topics. At the highest level there’s a Fundamentals LP made up of VITLs that end with a final exam. That final exam is the prereq to get to the Advanced LPs. I know it’s LP overkill, but could Courses 1 and 2 be in their own LP just so there can be prereqs?

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@Isram- good afternoon.

I think you have alot of different options based on what kind of user experience you want to achieve.

  • Multiple learning plans and courses are interesting because you can use their completion to drive visibility slowly on a page….giving them a much longer “learning pathway”.
  • You can name a catalog Learning Pathway and develop it to have its content visible by groups.
  • A person can qualify for the next group by completing all of the courses in the prior learning object (even though groups only work on course completions not LP completions statuses, you can still emulate if a person completes all the courses in X, then they can move onto Y.

A few questions for you though:

Does LP A > C1 > C2 > LP B have to happen in sequence? Or is this not necessary?

Do the later steps in the path need to be visible? LP A > C1 > C2 > LP B can C1 > C2 > LP B be visible?

Are you leveraging the Tasklist widget?

Why I believe most of us love the platform? There are alot of ways of skinning the cat (sorry cats 🐱) to help make this one happen.

A combination of enrollment rules and groups can drive alot of your business here, but those that want to build that custom catalog/page for even deeper experiences? You can do that as well.

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Honestly I would put this all in a single articulate rise course if order is truly important and you don’t “trust” your users to go in the right order.


In our platform we leave order up to the users, and if sales-102b doesn’t make sense to someone who skipped sales-102a, that’s on them.