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  • 29 April 2021
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One thing I would like to see is a Single Sign On for Community and University. I like having the quick link at the top of the page to jump into University, but I would like it to recognize me and automatically sign me in without prompting the username/password each time. 

4 replies

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Excellent idea @Stephanie Dreiling. There are some technical limitations in regards to SSO that are keeping us from being able to do this today, but it is something we really want to provide for our customers. This is top of mind for us and consolidating logins for platforms like DU, Community, and Help will be a focus for us later this year!

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What would also be nice is when I log on to my Docebo platform > click Communication Center or click on the Admin Menu (gear) and it would have the links to:

  • Docebo Community
    • Also needs to include the Knowledge Base link
    • Also needs to include the Ideas Portal link
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Docebo Help & Support (to view your already support tickets)
  • Docebo LMS Product Updates
  • Docebo University
  • Docebo System Status Page
  • Ideas Portal - which is already in the Communication Center 

Instead I have all of these sites bookmarked. It would be great if they were already on my Docebo platform. 

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@Swatson it’s like you’re reading our minds! We just had an internal meeting this morning to discuss updates to the Communication Center.


We discussed updating the “quick links” at the top to help users more easily navigate to our various help offerings. We’ve added a lot of resources to help customers over the past six months, so I agree with you that it’s important to make it easy to discover/navigate to them! I shared your feedback directly with the team who will be working on these updates. I can’t give an estimated delivery time for these updates at the moment, but we’ll share more info in the community once we’re closer to launching these changes.


Thank you for this great feedback!

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Is there a way to bookmark questions and follow community discussions/questions.  I am new to Docebo and I have been using the community to help troubleshoot and learn best practices.   But if I want to come back to those posts I didn’t see a way to bookmark or follow? 

UPDATE:  I did see subscribe and I guess I can always bookmark the pages, I just didn’t know if there was anything within the community itself.