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  • 29 April 2022
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Is there a way, or please create a way, to download tests (questions, answer options, correct answer(s), user answer stats) to a variety of outputs other than GIFT; e.g. Excel, Word, .txt? Power Users with minimal computer skills cannot decipher/interpret the GIFT output format. 

4 replies


I have the same need, however it must be possible for the learner to download the result after taken the test, including questions, answer options, correct answer(s), user answer stats. We also prefer an Excel file

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Not to my knowledge. you could run the repot under Course Management > Reports > Training material statistics tab to get what I call a “question analysis” report. Select the exam and click on it... It will display each question in a column and the rows contain the answers for each user. From there, you can extract the questions and answer choices, etc. You would only need to reformat on whatever way you want to view in excel (but seeing at the report is already in excel format, it’s quite simple to do)



@Irnlab. Thank you for your reply. The mentioned solution is not possible for learners to do, based on our set-up, we want the learners to do it. Of course, it must be a check box to let the learner print the result or not.

I would like to see an option for our instructors to download/print the tests for an ILT and have a means to upload the completed tests back into the platform.  We have some trainings that are led by the instructor and the individuals taking the class complete the test in person (we do not have laptops/tablets for each class member). Currently there isn’t a way to even print the quiz unless I create them in a separate format and manage them parallel to the system which defeats the purpose of having a digital platform.  Without this I cannot manage a learning assessment without the employee taking the quiz in the system.  I know this process can be achieved because a previous platform we used had this functionality.