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What is the difference between Start Learning and Resume Learning?

  • 17 May 2022
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We noticed that once the learner has started the e-learning, the options are Resume where you left off and Start Learning but when we click on either of those, it goes to the same section. Is it supposed to be different and if they are not, can we remove one?



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Hi @isaal 

I have found when there are multiple training materials in a course shell, the Start button will launch the first training material listed in the course, and Resume training will launch the last training material that the user has accessed. 

I not sure if that is the same behavior others have experienced? 

In the cases of courses having lots of training materials, I generally guide people to navigate between them from the Table of Contents rather than using those Start/Resume buttons.

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Hi @isaal, @Annarose.Peterson is exactly right. Start Learning Now will always launch the first training material listed in the course, whereas Resume where you left off will launch the course from wherever the learner had previously left off. If a learner exited or closed a course from the third training material in a course, then the next time they visit the course, if they select Resume where you left off, they’ll be taken back to that third training material.


You can learn more about the behavior in this section of the Navigating and Attending Online Courses knowledge article.


If your platform isn’t behaving in this way, then I recommend submitting a ticket to support via


I hope this helps!

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@Adam Ballhaussen @Annarose.Peterson Thank you for the help!