How to notify an instructor when they are assigned to teach a new session

  • 27 April 2022
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We are on the cusp of rolling out the Docebo LMS. I cannot find a basic process to send an email to an instructor to let them know they have been designated to teach a class session. I see several notification events, but none seems to be appropriate for this basic task.

Why? Since there are several instructors that get rotated into teaching different sessions, if instructor “A” is configured to teach the “Jan 22” session of a class, that instructor needs to receive an email notification so that they can prepare, block their calendar, and do several pre-class administration tasks. 

Request: How do you notify the instructor via email that they have been designated to teach a class session?

8 replies

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Hi @gbito!

Were you able to resolve it? We are looking to have this too. 


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I’ve only been able to do this using external work arounds currently.

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Hello @alinabo 

The best I have found is to create a notification using the event "ILT session changed" that gets sent to instructors (it will only go to the assigned instructor). So when an instructor is assigned to a class event, it is considered a “change” to the class. The caveat is that any other changes to the class event will also trigger the notification so it is not ideal. The content of the notification I am using is something like this (note the last line that lets the instructor know that if they received more than one notification for the event then it may be because of other changes in the class):

Hello [first_name] [last_name],
You are assigned as the instructor for the [course_name] class.
If you received a previous notification of this assignment then please view the session details for changes that were recently made.

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Yeah, warn your instructors if going down this route….they will get many and confusion :)

It is a workaround, however another option could be to try leveraging the “ILT Session Starting” notification to notify Instructors x weeks before the session is due to take place that they’ve been assigned to it and should prepare x, y and z.

This approach would assume that the sessions are being added with enough notice to define the “x weeks before” within the notification.

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Nice option….and the drawback forces the conversation to not be doing things last minute :)

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Thank you @gbito and @joanne.payne for the proposed options. I’ll give them a go

Hi all, 

Are there any better options for this currently?