Can I set a timeframe parameter when fetching xAPI data?

  • 8 July 2022
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I’m using the tcapi/statements endpoint to fetch the xAPI data from our courses and then send it over to Power BI.


The problem I’m having is that I seem to be only getting data from 24 hours back(ish)? Is it meant to only provide data from the last 24 hours? Can I adjust the timeframe parameter somehow? I can’t find any documentation on this endpoint. 


I’d like set my script to run once per day, and it would be nice if I could do it with the assurance that I’m not getting redundant or missing data.


Does anyone know what I am missing here? :)

4 replies

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I’m sorry I can’t be helpful. I hope you were able to get help. I keep getting told they don’t collect the xapi statements. And like, although you can add-on with google analytics, Docebo doesn’t offer any way (at least that’s what Acct Mgr told me) to get at those xapi statements.

But then I read something like post, and wonder if it IS possible…



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Following as curious if anyone has had success here. 

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This story has a pretty happy ending: I did manage to make this work (with a small caveat, noted below).

This is how I configured my request URL:


I was able to use the “since” and “until” queries to specify timeframe thanks to a tip from Docebo tech support. The final piece of the puzzle was increasing the number of responses returned using the “limit” query. The default responses returned seemed to be set to 100, and in the xAPI world that’s basically nothing.

I run my script periodically adjusting the timeframe accordingly and then append the response to a JSON file that’s connected to PowerBI so I can visualize the results.

The caveat is that there seems to be a delay in Docebo’s LRS receiving the xAPI data, so some of the data is undoubtedly lost. We’ve decided that we can live with that for now and will try to iteratively improve the process moving forward.

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Awesome, thanks so much for circling back for the detail!