Docebo and WalkMe integrations

  • 4 October 2021
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Let’s start a discussion on how you are getting Docebo and WalkMe to talk to each other.

I’ll start, I’m exporting Docebo user data to AWS S3 then running a daily S3 pick up integration to WalkMe. So i am working with the same user data and target audiences.

2 replies

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:heart_eyes: this thread! 

Hello! I’ve been responsible for implementing WalkMe across an e-commerce platform before, however, I’ve never utilized it with Docebo. That said, I usually start simply:

  1. Setup a welcome tour for first time users.
  2. Setup role-based tours based on user account type and access levels. If you can jQuery the user role in the site’s code great. If not, this can be based on the presence/absence of certain on-screen elements to infer the user’s access level.
  3. Setup alert WalkMe content to inform the user about an important new feature, scheduled site maintenance, etc.

With all that out of the way, you’ve effectively greeted users, pointed them in the right direction for certain key site features, and made them aware of new and upcoming events/features. Now the real work begins!

The next phase might be based on trying to simplify confusing processes (per top issues reported to support), or solve business problems that are situational. These kind of WalkMe solutions are innumerable, and amount to everything from creating a blank, unclickable button to block something on a page while something is under construction, refer users to other content that is related to something the user is seeing, etc. Essentially, writing down a series of business goals and partnering with WalkMe to find and create solutions in this space.