Docebo Connect Recipe: Setting Accessed Flag

  • 29 March 2023
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We have a fairly critical requirement to have a Group that includes ONLY users who have not yet accessed the platform and relatedly, the Group for those that Last Access Date is X days ago.  Group Conditions do not include the User Field of Last Access Date as an option for defining a Group.  (No clue why as it seems like ANY user fields should be available to group on)  

So, I’m looking to Docebo Connect to look at the Last Access Date and then set a Yes/No on a User Additional Field (which actually DOES show up as an option for Group Conditions).  

Does anyone have experience with this?  My recipe seems to be failing on timeout. I expect that there’s an easier recipe to do this type of User Field, set Variable/Additional Field.  

Any Connect helpers out there? Or someone who has achieved similar end via a different path?


Edited to Add:  These are the only User Fields I see available in Group Conditions (Language and Email Address).  


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