Docebo integration with Credly's digital badge platform

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Hi all,


Following on from a related Open Badges thread, I’m very interested in other user’s experience trying to integrate Docebo with the Credly, so course and/or learning plan completions can trigger the issuing of a digital badge on the Credly platform.


About 12 months ago, I was told that Docebo wasn’t going to create an integration path with Credly, so I have manually issuing Credly badges when I get notifications that a course or learning plan has been completed. I’m excited to learn from that Docebo is now working on an integration. @felipe.hernandez - is there any indication on implementation timeframes you can share?


In the meantime, I’m interested in any information from @Adam Ballhaussen or anyone else that has successfully integrated both platforms via other methods.






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Hello CamE!

About Credly integration and Badge sharing:

Badge Sharing: We are implementing a share to Linkedin/Share by URL functionality for badges, within Docebo. 

It will allow users to share badges to Linkedin and other social media by url. 

Anyone seeing the shared badge on Linkedin/other can click on the shared badge and will be redirected to a specific page platform page, without authentication,  showing that the person has obtained the badge in what date  (image, title, description of the badge will be shown, together with the logo of platform ) . It is a form of certification by the issuer

Admin can select the specific badges that will be sharable, will be an opt-in feature selectable on each single badge

This functionality is in advanced stage of development and our current planning is to have it testable for the customers with sandbox middle of July and in general availability end of August.

Credly: Meanwhile we are working for an integration with Credly (so a customer with a Credly subscription will be able to deliver Credly certificates when a badge event happens).

For example, an Admin can link an internal badge in the platform with a Credly badge (already created in his Credly account) and when a user get the Docebo Badge he will get a Credly “badge” without manual task.

Our product team is already developing this Credly Integration functionality, which will be released together with our refactored badge functionality. We don’t have a specific release date announced yet for the feature, but likely coming in late 2021 or early 2022

just a final note, there will be also a 3rd option, Docebo Connect, our soon-to-launch integrations marketplace, allows you to perform this kind of integration quite easily, so if you're looking to take a  more customized approach, Docebo Connect could be a suitable solution in the future as well.

hope that helps



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Thanks for the update @Marco.T . It’s great to hear there’s going to be a few options available. Looking forward to the launch of Docebo Connect and trying out that integration option as the first step and then look at the direct Docebo/Credly integration when it is completed. Regards, Cameron

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We are using Badgr for issuing Open Badges.


The integration we have is based on a webhook sent by Docebo on each course completion, that is then received by Workato.

In Workato we have a lookup table mapping courses to badges (we don’t issue open badges for all courses).

Once a webhook is received Workato is fetching user details from Docebo through the API (we have an additional filed where we require users to mark consent to have their data passed to Badgr).

If the consent is provided, Workato is checking in Badgr (using Badgr API), if that user didn’t yet received a badge for that course, and if not, it is issuing a badge.


Unfortunately that approach won’t work for Learning Plans, as there is (still) no webhook available for a completed learning plan.

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Hi @Marco.T - do you have any update on the timeframe for the direct Docebo to Credly Integration feature?


In the meantime, I will ask the Docebo Help Desk regarding access to Docebo Connect. Based on the response from Alek, we could implement something similar based on course completion. Ideally we would like to issue based on the completion of a learning plan. Do you know if there will be a webhook created/enabled for a completed learning plan?    

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@CamE I just asked my CSM this last week and was told it would be most likely Q2 pending roadmap finalization. 

Given the emphasis on Docebo Connect (which I believe is a separate fee), I suspect the native integration might be limited. We’re implementing Credly for badging now and hope to leverage the webhooks.

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Thanks for that update Mark. 

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We are looking forward to the native support for the Credly badge in Docebo LMS as well.

Using Docebo connect won’t have good learner experience than the native intgeration with Credly.


Hope we can understand the scope of the first release soon.

Will you have the use case for the badge renewal?

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@Marco.T Any details regarding the Credly integration ?

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For visibility, we are also looking for integration with Credly. Manual creation will be ok for a little while, but if there’s something by mid-year, that would be fabulous.

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Looks like there is a growing interest in the native integration between Docebo and Credly.

@Marco.T - could you please us with providing an update?

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@zhou80bin - have you used Docebo Connect? I have not and given the lack of a Credly integration with Docebo were considering it but your statement, “Using Docebo connect won’t have good learner experience than the native intgeration with Credly.” is giving me pause. 

Can anyone who has used Docebo Connect for issuing Credly badges chime in?

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Because it came up in the Webhook Session of DU Inspire today...any updates on the native integration of Credly, @Marco.T ?

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When we were considering Docebo, I was told that a native connection with Credly would be released in the next quarter. Well that was last December. Where are we on this? I just saw the list of what’s being released this month and it is downright boring. @Marco.T 

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Any updates on this integration?


Hi @shawnsie.farley!

With regards to the free native integration, we were told it would be available last year.  In Q422, we were told it should be available in March 2023. When I asked for a demo in last month, I was told it wasn’t available and they didn’t know when.  It might be this year, it might not.  The only option is Docebo Connect which cost $$$$.  I suggest checking with your CSM to see if there’s an update. 


I’ve been advised the Docebo / Credly integration is off the table and the only option is paying for Connect which provides 3 integrations. So now researching the automation app which I don’t see details about “certifications” and the transfer of data could only go one way, either from Docebo to Credly or from Credly to Docebo. Any feedback would be helpful. Haven’t researched a “webhook” yet.