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Go1 Content Integration Best Practices

  • 12 May 2021
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We went live with Docebo and SuperAdmin/designated curator access to the entire Go1 catalog in April. We’ve provisioned about 250 titles from Go1 so far to the all-company catalog and have had a really difficult time with latency (lag) in addition to a few other new/known issues with their SCORM engine.

Does anyone have experience with heavy use of the Go1 catalog? Looking for testing best practices, content creator recommendations (we’re based in North America with a forming presence in Europe), or any general suggestions on setup and management..


Best answer by Swatson 13 May 2021, 20:31

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9 replies

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I don’t have any feedback for you, but I am super intrigued to see what responses you do get as this is something that we will be exploring later in the year. #following

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When you go to the Admin Gear > Content Marketplace > everyone can get their 20 free courses welcome bundle to import into your platform. Just talk to your Customer Experience Manger on this.

We purchased the Docebo (Go1) entire content (premium plan) in Jan. 2021 and have imported 239 courses into our platform. 

Using the filters in the content marketplace for the Docebo (Go1) , you can filter by: course availability, type of plan, optimization, skill level, tags, language, region relevance and content provider. Also if we have more questions on particular type of courses we are not sure of we also email Jake with Go1 and he has been a helpful resource as well.

Once imported into the platform, the course shell is automatically created with the code, title name, description and thumbnail. However, in the course shell > Advanced Properties - we have to manually make changes to:

  • Details - Self-Unenrollment - for some reason it is automatically checked next to the box - allow self-unenrollment from the course even if the learner has completed it. We always have to uncheck this box. We do check the box - Allow self-unenrollment from this course (only if this is not a required course).
  • Time Options - Average Time - we have to put this in. We would have thought this would be automatically imported when we imported the course to the platform as it already has this information in the content marketplace.
  • Certificates - Select Certificate Template - we have to manually add our default certificate for courses as there would not be a certificate on the User Personal Summary (training transcript) page.
  • Course Player - Background image - we have to upload an image. Since the thumbnail already imports to the course shell, we thought it would automatically be downloaded here as well. Leaving it blank, looks bad because when a user clicks on the course, they see a blank screen instead of the course thumbnail image.

When a user launches one of these courses there is sometimes a lag time on when the course loads. We only had one issue with one course now showing completed. However, we were able with Go1 and Docebo support to get this issue fixed. 

Otherwise, we do love the Go1 content. It will save us some money as we will not be renewing some of our other compliance and IT content providers this year. 

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Thanks, Swatson! Do you do robust testing of modules before you bring them in (multiple device types like PC, Mac, mobile)? Any particular content creators in Go1 you think do a great job? 

We’ve found the filtering in the Docebo marketplace to be sluggish, and had been preferring to go through the Go1 interface because of that. I’m trying to determine if it’s just our instance, or something that more folks are impacted by. 

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Hi Katie,

We do launch the course to make sure it is what we are looking for but as far as testing them in multiple devices, we do not. We have asked Jake with Go1 to see if the courses we have imported will work with all the devices you mentioned, and so far he has said Yes. 

I do agree with you on the filtering in the Docebo marketplace. However, Docebo has made some improvements in the marketplace. But Go1 has a few more filters that are not in the marketplace, that we seem to use like: Pathway (group of courses/learning plans).

Go1 content providers, we use a lot of BizLibrary, Traliant (compliance), Microsoft and will probably use Blinkist (audio books). If we are not sure, we always ask Jake with Go1.

I hope this helps!   

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I’d like to know more about this.


Some of the Go1 content doesn’t integrate well at all. In some cases, the course simply redirects users to an external site (new window). The resulting SCORM data is unreliable and inaccurate, leaving some courses impassable. 


I was wondering if maybe there was a way to directly link users to some of these external Go1 resources via an HTML widget and completely bypass the course page. Obviously not a best practice, but if we’re not getting accurate SCORM data, then at least we’re not confusing users and subjecting them to additional clicks.

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Hi IanMonk,

I would talk to your CXM and they should be able to give you your contact at Go1 who should be able to answer some of your questions regarding Go1 content. 

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@Swatson and @Katie Freeman question for you both as it sounds like you all are using GO1.

Is there an easy way for you to see your GO1 course usage either in Docebo or GO1?  We are going live with this, where our users have access to all the GO1 content and can import courses themselves, but I cannot see any way to easily see which courses have been imported and which are being interacted the most with unless I do a lot of manipulation of the reports that come from Docebo.


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Hi @Annarose.Peterson,

On our Docebo platform, only Super Admins can import GO1 courses which then are under the Course Management. When we import the courses we have them imported under subfolder under a folder we call Docebo Go1 Content in the Course Management. That way you can see all the GO1 courses that have been imported to your platform and see how many enrollments are in each of the courses.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much @Swatson ! I like the use of organizing them into the same category - this way it is easy to use the Docebo Reports to filter on a specific category!