Has anyone had issues with Docebo not processing payments correctly with Stripe?

  • 16 March 2023
  • 1 reply

We use ecommerce to sell both individual courses as well as subscriptions, and occasionally we will get purchases that come across on stripe successfully even sending receipts to the customer, but Docebo doesn’t update the transaction as successful. Instead leaving it in pending leaving our user with no training and money spent. Naturally they try again, which leads to them duplicate purchasing the same product usually to the same outcome. 

Then we get an angry or frustrated call and they refund all their purchases. Obviously this hurts our reputation, our support team, and generally makes us look bad. So my question, is why? It’s not all users, and I rarely have enough information to try and replicate it. There’s hardly any connection points or settings to even test on my end. 

Anyone know how to resolve this problem?

1 reply


We have the same issue with a customer and would appreciate some answer.