Implementing an internal Knowledge Base (HelpJuice)

  • 21 May 2021
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Hey guys,

A while ago, we’ve started thinking about creating our own, internal knowledge base with the help of  HelpJuice provider.

Has anyone any kind of experience with these kind of knowledge base tools and what could be achieved by connecting them to our LMS? If so, please share! Any tips or DOs & DON’Ts would be welcome.

5 replies

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Sorry for the shameless “bump” of my own post but now, that there are more members in our Docebo Community, perhaps there’s someone who has had experience with Knowledge Bases like HelpJuice, etc.? :slight_smile:

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@abartunek So this is a big topic for us. We are struggling with using Zendesk as our knowledge base. I discussed how we are using it and some of the challenges over here:

For clarity, in that post, I refer to as our “Resource Center” but in essence it’s our knowledge base. It uses Zendesk Guide (Zendesk’s knowledge base feature). I love Zendesk for many reasons primarily it organizational structure and it’s super easy to create articles and I love having it integrated with help desk functionality. You may also note that Docebo is now using Zendesk for their knowledge base. Here are the key things to keep in mind:

  1. In our case, Zendesk cannot be iframed into Docebo (Zendesk does not allow iframing) which means we have to take the user to the knowledge base through a link. It’s a challenge making this a seamless transition for the user. For us it’s further complicated by the fact that we want to limit what “knowledge” the user can access based on a branch they’re in. Obviously this is not possible so for now everyone has access to everything in Zendesk. We’ve made Zendesk “public” for those with a link so the user does not need to log in to the knowledge base. Of course, it’s the logging in to Zendesk that would allow us to limit content to certain users but having to assign two logins to the user - that would just be confusion galore -- our users are not tech saavy. 
  2. User can’t search in Docebo and have it feed up content in Zendesk. So they have to search first in our lms and also in our the Resource Center. That’s a significant drawback. I love how this community powered by Insided can search into Zendesk directly from in the community. That’s how I wish it could work in Docebo. 
  3. One of my pet peeves with Zendesk is that the user cannot get a nice looking printed document of the knowledge base article (It prints like the webpage that is -- not nice looking at all). I have tried all the tips for addressing this in the web world and have not had any success with the workarounds. Our users have a need to print articles from the KB. 

For these reasons we are stuck at a cross roads and there is a desire internally to turn our “knowledge base” content into assets that can be uploaded to channels and migrate away from using Zendesk. We’re talking hundreds of articles! I feel conflicted. I am hoping someone in the community is worked out some brilliant solution to the whole knowledge base need. I don’t know anything about HelpJuice but maybe there are options there that would make it a more elegant integration with Docebo than Zendesk. 

Hope this helps. Looking forward to others weighing in.

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Following this thread - we too are looking for a knowledge base option.  Right now I have included resources within a course as training material because we had not yet begun to use channels.  This is not ideal as the individual has to know which course it is in or know the name of the document or item to search it.  Plus I cannot include links like you can in channels.  I am looking at using channels for this now but if anyone has other ideas I would love to hear them.

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@Cindy McElhinney thanks for the details! I had no idea Zendesk can be used like that. I’ll definitely give it a more detailed look but as far as I’m aware, some of our departments are already using HelpJuice, therefore, it is very likely we will continue with it (just company-wide).

I’m hoping someone using HelpJuice will jump in into the discussion as well. That said, the points you made already gave me some ideas what to look out for.

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I LOVE this idea, but have not tried it myself!