Joining an MS Teams Meeting as an instructor

  • 12 January 2022
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We have MS Teams working with Docebo, however, right now all participants, including instructors are joining as “learners”.

In the documentation about MS Teams integration, there is a bullet in the Important Notes section at the end, which I’m having a hard time to understand:

In order for a Docebo user to join a webinar as an instructor in Microsoft Teams, the account must be paired to an individual account in Azure. The Instructor of the session will be defined by the Azure-based Microsoft Teams account and the Microsoft Teams account created in Docebo will be used to launch the session.

Can someone please explain this in plain English?

What are the steps to have a person who is a course instructor join the Teams webinar or event with the right privileges?

34 replies

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Correct. You have to make your instructor a super admin so that they can go in click the gear icon, then click Manage under Microsoft Teams, and then click the 3 dots and choose “pair” - this is after you have set up the integration for them.  

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Just went through this discovery process also.

We eventually went with 1 dedicated Teams account for all instructors.

Again, Docebo choosing to roll our or implement a feature with it barely working or using a very complicated and cumbersome process. But hey, they can put a green checkmark on “Teams Integration” on their to do list...

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We just finished this for about 19 instructors.  Docebo should make this a cleaner process that could operate off of one account. I imagine Microsoft has a part to play here as well. 

An Azure application account had to be setup for each instructor. This was not well received by our internal team responsible. 

Then I have to setup the instructor as a Superadmin, and pair the account (tenant ID, client ID and client secret). I then rebuild the instructor Power User provisioning. 

Now when an instructor provisions the event for a session that will be virtual, they select their account. 

The instructor and the student get an email with a calendar event that they can use to attend the session/event. This is the best access method. 

The info is also in the instructor’s and student’s course info but this doesn’t always work well. Especially in the case of a student that was enrolled in a session but didn’t attend or failed. When they return for the second session the interface is confusing. But the calendar event works.


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Following as I am seeing the opposite behavior. We have the integration working but I am finding that everyone comes into a meeting as a presenter regardless of their role in the ILT event. 

This is a mix of users that have teams credentials as part of our enterprise implementation as well as learners who do not have a teams account. 

So in testing I can get everyone into the meeting, but then i have to manually demote people to the attendee role instead of the presenter role. 



Following as I am seeing the opposite behavior. We have the integration working but I am finding that everyone comes into a meeting as a presenter regardless of their role in the ILT event. 



you may have discovered this already but Microsoft Teams out of the box does put everyone in a meeting as presenter, even with docebo not involved   This is completely backwards to what I am used to from Zoom   There is a setting you can change Teams wide that will alter this  otherwise, the meeting organizer will have to go in after creating every meeting on teams and change the setting  


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Shanks Shardwic. This is exactally what we found. After talking to Docebo support we have is all sorted with this simpified workflow. 

  1. Create the ILT session
  2. Create the ILT event using MS teams
  3. Open teams meeting in Teams or outlook and modify settings, Also add instructors to the meeting. 
  4. Save meeting in Outlook/Teams. 

We have a shared Education account and use that as our integration point so and LMS admin can create or modify the meeting. 


BIG GOTCHA!- If you go back into Docebo and change the event, it deletes and recreates the Teams meeting ( Does this with all ILT integrations BTW) so if you edit the event, you need to go back into teams and redo all your settings. 

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I was feeling behind the curve because I hadn’t set up the Microsoft Teams integration in Docebo. Now I realize that I saved myself some serious grief!

Q: is this easier to do with the Zoom integration?

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@billso that is a great question I do not have an answer for. We use Teams, Webex and Adobe connect and I have 2/3 working. Docebo and Webes SSO are not friends.


I am happy to post the more detailed teams settings if you want. It is not hard to do once you know how it is thinking. Takes maybe an extra 2-3 minutes. tops. 


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Same question, does the instructor have to be a Super Admin to pair or can they do it as a power user?