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Learner roles in Microsoft Teams ILT Events

  • 20 March 2023
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We are still in the onboarding process and I am running into an odd interaction with Docebo and MS teams. I can get the meetings created and enter them, but everyone joining from Docebo comes in as a presenter. My expectation would be instructors would come in as presenters and students would come in as attendees. Has anyone else experienced this?


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@Davefox I have used MS Teams as the Video Conferencing Tool. It doesn’t matter which tool you use you need to set it up correctly.

With MS Teams once you have created the meeting you need to update the settings. Initially this can only be done by the person who created the meeting.

  1. Open the Meeting Options which is in the Meeting invitation in Outlook (or other app) or access through the meeting in Teams Calendar
  2. The meeting organiser needs to add co-organisers. Once a person is a co-organiser they can update the rest of the meeting options. Note to add a person as a co-organizer (and presenter) they must have been added to the meeting invitation first (and I think may have had to have accepted)
  3. Suggested settings:
    1. Who can bypass the lobby - if you want a lobby then change to only me and co-organizers or People I invite
    2. Announce when callers join or leave - No
    3. Choose co-organizers - have at least one other organizer
    4. Who can present? - Specific people or Only me and Co-organizers 
    5. Allow mic for attendees - Yes
    6. Allow camera for attendees - Yes
    7. Record automatically - No (I have this set as No as I prefer to manage when the recording starts)
    8. Allow meeting chat - Enabled or In meeting only (the latter means chat isn’t available before or after the meeting)
    9. Allow reactions - Yes
    10. Enable Q&A - Yes
    11. Provide CART Captions - depends on you need (either Yes or No)
    12. Enable language interpretation - depends on your need (either Yes or No)
    13. Who can record - Organizers and presenters
    14. Enable end-to-end-Encryption - depends on your security requirements (either Yes or No)
    15. Allow attendance report (Yes)

For an article about Meeting Options read Participant settings for a Teams Meeting

For more about the difference between organizer, co-organizer and presenter read: Roles in a Teams Meeting

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Thanks times infinity avec fromage!