Learning Objects of the type Observation Checklist need to be updateable via the APIs (or your professional services team)

  • 5 December 2022
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The Learn service of the Docebo APIs provides as service that allows for the tracking of learning objects (/learn/v1/lo/tracks/batch). This service allows you to set the status of the learning object and also the completion date. Currently the service does not support the LO type of Observation Checklist. This means if you have completion data to import into Docebo for a course with a learning object of this type, there is no way to set that learning object complete via the APIs. This is especially problematic when trying to import historical data (as you would when migrating from another LMS to Docebo). This needs to be made available in the APIs or at least be available for the professional services team to handle.

2 replies

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@sukta.timothy  Have you looked at the Automation App? Can it import a Checklist course type? I haven’t done this, but sometimes the Automation App can do things that APIs can’t.


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So that was not something I originally thought of. In doing some investigation I was not able to find the ability to mark learning object completion via the automation app. It’s possible I missed something so if anyone knows that Learning Objects can be marked complete via the automation app feel free to share how to do that. Thanks