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  • 15 December 2021
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We have licensed the entire LinkedIn Learning Library (over 17,000) courses.    We are considering importing the entire library into Docebo.  


I have some questions that I need help from other LiL users:

  1.  We will see a performance issue if we add all of the titles to our course library?
  1.  If we don’t want to load all of the titles – does anyone have a suggestion on how to identify the courses in the mass update feature - right now it looks like you can select 1 at a time or select all?   In the mass update feature I typed in one of the LiL subjects in our sandbox (Career Development) and it was not a match to the number of courses when in content market place I filtered on a LiL subject.  After my search I selected all,  imported it and much to my surprise it imported all 17,000 titles into sandbox.   
  1.  To piggy back off of question 2 - If i can easily group courses to import I will be able to easily assign them to the LiL catalogs that I have created.   If that is not possible any suggestions on how to assign them easily to the multiple LiL catalogs that I have created in Docebo?   
  1. With now over 18,000 courses in my sandbox environment - any suggestions on how to manage it so we can find things easily.    (I have created a category called LiL)   


  1. Any other suggestions that you have would be appreciated.  


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HI @biederm hmmm, we did import all English courses (about 9,000) and I kind of regret it as only a small % of them were consumed and it adds all these to your admin view. If i had to redo this, I would curate my selections first. I think during the import process you can use or define categories (? if my recall is

I would definitely recommend you use categories (and sub categories) to manage your content more effectively.

Not sure if Docebo have any tips & tricks for managing imported content other than this KB: