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  • 15 March 2022
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Good morning,

I’ve seen various topics on the community surrounding issues with Microsoft Teams integration, especially getting instructors to join as an instructor and not a learner.

Has anyone successfully resolved? Been going round in circles with Docebo support and I utilise another bespoke system that we’ve successfully integrated into Teams without any of these issues, so I’m not sure it’s an actual Microsoft issue.

The instructor has an Azure AD account, is added to the app / enterprise application, everything is paired within Docebo itself. Then whatever happens, they’ll always join as a participant. 


4 replies

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HI @gavin.maynard I believe there is an update to the app that fixes this issue (or it’s coming soon)

Hi @lrnlab thanks for the update. Hopefully it’ll be here soon.

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Cross-posting here to another topic on the same problem.  I have a lengthy explanation over there about my journey through trying to solve this one.  The TL;DR is, you have to set up the integration separately on both the Azure admin side and the Docebo side, for every person that needs to serve as an instructor. And in order to complete the integration, each instructor must be able to go to the admin settings in Docebo, select their instance of the Teams integration, and click “Pair.”  Read more at:


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We use teams as an enterprise solution and it is working but EVERYONE comes into the meeting as a presenter instead of learners coming over as attendees.