Outlook Recipe to Add Calendar Invite on Instructors Outlook

  • 25 January 2023
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Trying to get a calendar invite for our instructors in Docebo. Currently, instructors are adding themselves as a participant to the learner so they can get the outlook calendar invite.


Anyone know what steps I can take to add a recipe to my connector that will send calendar invites to the instructors? 



3 replies

Hi Niccole,

Just in case you or anyone else still have this question, and assuming you’re using the official Docebo Connect Outlook connector and recipes... 

There is (now) a note about including instructors in the KB article.

Look for “ADD_INSTRUCTOR_FLAG” in the section about the Integration Settings lookup table. 

(Full disclosure: We have not yet completed our configuration and testing to confirm this works.)

- Ryan

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We’ve just implemented Docebo Connect for Outlook, and adding an instructor email was part of the recipe structure. As long as we include the instructor in the session or event, the instructor will receive an Outlook invitation. It’s the same invitation that attendees receive. 

We’re also recent implementors of Docebo Outlook Integration and I’m in the process of trying to adapt the recipes to create no less than two different meeting invitations; one for the Learners and one for the Instructors.  We need this as our instructors log-in well in advanced of the learners.

I’m also looking to create a second fork for VITL and ILT courses with all the location information in the meeting invitation for in-person learning.   

I’d love to see if anyone has attempted this as I’m not a big fan of re-inventing the wheel.

Anyone have something like this to share?