SSO Authentication Between Docebo portals

  • 25 October 2021
  • 3 replies

I have 2 Docebo portals and would like to automatically authenticate my users between both portals without the need to have them sign in twice -- or without the need to load content twice. Has anyone experienced this or have a similar use case? Any ideas are welcome. 

3 replies

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@jwatkins I don’t know if that’s possible with only Docebo, you can for sure achieve this using a SAML/SSO identity provider, like Okta. Once users will authenticate to Okta, they will be able to access both portals without a need to sign in.

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If it is separate platforms, just make the username / pw the same for both accounts. They will need to know the different platform URLs though

@alekwo - thanks, I’ll explore the Okta route for authentication.

@JZenker - thanks, one of the portals is already up and running and security policies will make it difficult to determine the password of existing accounts.