Where is the "suffix URL" field when adding a URL to an allowe xAPI domain?

  • 24 June 2022
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I’m trying to understand how to implement xAPI in Docebo and in the KB article Uploading xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) Content, I read the following about setting up allowed domains in the advanced settings: 

When you have added the domain, press Add. It will then appear in the list below. Repeat the procedure to add up to 20 external URLs. By adding only the domain, you can upload as many xAPI training materials as you want, without limits or restrictions, because for each domain that you insert in the xAPI (Tin Can) External Content field, you can then specify the file name and extension in the xAPI training material’s configuration. ...

…. If you select a domain that doesn’t contain the name and extension of the file, the Suffix URL field will appear below the Select URL/Domain field. Here, you’ll insert the name and the extension of your training material file.

However, when I select that URL from the dropdown to add as training material, the “suffix URL field” never appears. 

What am I missing? 


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