Best Practices - Managing Pages and Menus

  • 28 October 2021
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I’m in the middle of doing some page updates/cleaning up and I am stuck trying to figure out which single menu a page is associated to and I’m stuck jumping between menus trying to figure out where it lives. This made me realize - we need to adopt some best practices for page and menu management!

Does anyone have any tips they would like to share when it comes to organizing and tracking which pages are associated to which menu?


6 replies

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HI @Annarose.Peterson agree this can be a bit challenging when you have lots of pages and menus. We use a naming convention in the CODE that helps identify what menu the page is part of. Some pages that are more general in nature and used across menus are left with more generic names/codes.

I was working on a matrix to track pages and menus but priorities have pushed this down the list...If it can be of any help, I’ll post it once I have a better idea of what I need to track.

Just posted and idea to ask if we can get the “menu” column to display the actual menus a page is part... The idea # LMS-I-5202 (it should appear soon)

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@Annarose.Peterson - I dont know if this helps, but I kept on spinning in this for a bit as I was looking to surface the right menu and pages for the right branch.

There is an image or two from the Docebo University courses that help to play it through for you…but here is a fast screenshot that helps to keep it straight for me.

We are starting by sharing a bunch….so my permissions as the default menu are collecting all pages….(and thats why permissions are in that first name - so we dont lose sight of it).

Permissions with the default menu and then more narrower and narrower visibilty as you work in….


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I have 2 users in one branch. I put one of the  user in a group and assigned that user to a specific menu. Why cant they see a the different menus? Below is my menu screen. 

 The menu I am having trouble with the  Cathy Menu (2nd on the list). If I put the Cathy menu  above the Default page, everyone can see it, not just the one user in the group I gave visibility to even though I show visibility to 1 group, and 1 level. If I put it below the default menu, (regardless of what visibility I uuse) the user cannot see the Cathy menu.  I've spent hours moving Cathy above and below the default menu and no matter what I do,  I cannot get the one user in the group to see the Cathy Menu. Thoughts?

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@Annarose.Peterson @dklinger Just found this when trying to figure out a “where used” for all of our custom pages.  My issue with what you sent is that by changing the menu name, that is what is showed in the system, rather than just the word HOME.  Any ideas on how to get around that.  Same with adding pages to a particular menu, it doesn’t show the code just the title, so i have to make the title more descriptive until i assign it, and then change it back.

Thanks for any ideas

Lynda Gutman

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A shared matrix keeps me sane on this, I know its big overhead to get started, but if stay disciplined on changes it really comes in handy. I keep it in a shared place all admins have access to and they are to keep updated, then is fast filtered/sorted for any given menu.

It also pulls in like the page id’s which ties into my custom css widget to autogen custom page related blocks.

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 Hi all, Giulio here from Docebo’s product team.
Docebo’s product team is gathering your thoughts and feedback on improving the Learning Experience (Pages & Menus) creation & management process.

Please take this survey to tell us about your needs, priorities, and challenges in creating and managing Learning Experiences.


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