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Docebo test training material question level feedback layer (comment)

  • 23 December 2021
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So, the KB article on creating tests says that I can use comments for this “...and use the Comments text box to provide feedback for each answer or question. “ See how it says “OR question”?

However…..the comment is associated with the answer.  Where’s the part where I can put in a comment for the question? Or do I have to put the same comment in for every answer?


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Correct me if I am wrong but this is the article in question…


I believe it is worded this way due to the variety of test question options available to you.

On a single choice option for example - you can give specific feedback for each answer that the learner may select perhaps allowing them to understand why the option was incorrect - especially if it is a situation where common mistakes are made in thinking.

On a text entry option, however, it may simply be a question you pose and you may want to include some general comments regardless of how they answer the question.

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yep that’s the article. I see what you mean, your comment options are different depending on the question type. So, to answer my question, it sounds like if it’s a single choice or multiple choice type then the only way to get the feedback is to put it on each answer.

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And I just attempted my test, and the comments don’t show at all. LOL my previous question might be moot. For a single choice type question, when do the comments show up?

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You may need to allow them to review the answers after completing the test.

I see comments at that time.

Here I have an example of a right and wrong answer.


Thanks for contributing this question - here I am two weeks later wondering just the same thing. I’m really surprised it’s not possible to add answer feedback for the question overall (working with single and multiple choice questions). This seems like a pretty clear snag, especially because the learner will only see feedback/comments on the answers they selected when they go back to review their quiz answers. 


I appreciated your straightforward recommendation to simply add the same feedback to each answer, but this leaves us with the user receiving the same line of feedback duplicated for each answer they selected. See below for an example; I inserted a line of feedback for all 5 answers and the quiz in review shows the feedback for each answer they selected. Therefore if I’d copy/pasted the same feedback for each, they would see that same line of feedback 3 times for this one question. 


It seems that the only way to use this function within the existing constraints is to force the user to see the same feedback over and over or to include individualized correct/incorrect answer feedback based on the context of each answer, which adds extra work for the designer. 


Would be much nicer and simpler for the user experience if the feedback was truly tied to the question, rather than each answer, as you suggested.