eLearning in Warehouses

  • 17 February 2023
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I serve as the Director of Training and Development for my company.  Docebo is being well used, however, we are missing a segment of employees who are hourly and in our warehouses.  There are many implications…


  • Who is eligible?
  • When is time allotted?
  • What kinds of elearning did you find was the most helpful?
  • How long were the sessions that were available?
  • What kind of tech did you use...chrome books, tablets, etc?
  • other “good to knows” for supporting warehouse employees taking eLearning.

I’d love to connect with anyone who is willing to share.  Thanks in advance.


2 replies

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We are having the same discussion. What we are planning is setting up users on Docebo, but only with their name since many of them do not have email addresses. Then there would be ILTs with quizzes and users will be manually marked complete and possibly receive certificates. This way there will be an “official” record that they received the formal training.

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Thanks @sigamoline … I appreciate the feedback.  We did something similar for our employees without emails.

I guess I looking for more on the pragmatic approaches of how your hourly folks are able to engage in learning.  You could tell people, “do it off the clock,” but what kind of message does that send about valuing employee growth.  I’m also curious about what kind of elearning has been a good ROI for employees working in warehouse settings.  Is it for mobility into other roles...to improve in their current role...with both of these - what kind of content is being offered.