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How does a poweruser edit courses?

  • 15 June 2021
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I’m trying to view and see what powerusers see and it’s not working out.

I created a poweruser profile to edit courses. I created a poweruser user and assigned poweruser user to the poweruser profile that edits courses. I assigned 10 branches. I logged in as the power user but how do I edit courses? I select the gear icon and just “Background” jobs show.

  1.  How do you access courses to edit while in poweruser mode

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2 replies

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Hi @ncassella you need to add the specific permissions + course/catalogue access to be able to do that task. There at least 5 areas you need to assign to the power user once you have assigned the role with the permissions you want them to have…

  • Catalogues
  • Courses/Learning Plans
  • Locations
  • Branches
  • Users

This KB article should give you what you need to get started:

Creating and Managing Power Users

and specifically this will show you what the permissions are:

Power User Permissions

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Thank you so much. What I couldn’t figure out was why “View” was not working. I added edit permissions and was able to see the course management and edit courses. It was then, when I removed the Edit permissions leaving only View permissions was I able to view course management without the edit permission.
Thank you for your assistance!