Is there a way to prevent users from opening multiple tabs/courses on Docebo?

  • 6 December 2021
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I have concerns that users may be able to open multiple different tabs and “watch” dozens of courses simultaneously. Not only does this undermine the value of elearning training, it can cause problems with all of the scorm files vying for memory, leading to strange issues, and confusing support cases. Does anyone have any good solutions for this kind of problem? I have at least one verified case of this happening.


3 replies

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Hello @The21Dealer, yes there is a global setting that prevents multiple concurrent sessions by the same user.

Try this path: Admin menu > Advanced Settings > Advanced tab (left sidebar) > (scroll down to) Security section > Radio button setting: “Disable simultaneous access with the same account. By disabling simultaneous access, when a user accesses the platform from different sessions at the same time, he/she will be logged out from the oldest session.”

Hope that helps keep users from tracking seat time when they likely aren’t really paying attention,


@jason.moore I think this is probably the best idea, but we had gotten reports that this setting caused users to be forced out at in-opportune times when support impersonated them for troubleshooting. And of course it’s inconvenient for super admins who may need to do a lot of cross referencing (unless super admins are immune to that setting.) But that may be an improvement request. I will run tests with that option, thank you!

I was also just told that this didn’t prevent users from using multiple instances in the same browser just different browsers, which basically defeats the purpose. Do you know if that’s true?