Notifications with 0 branches selected

  • 14 December 2021
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Let’s say you have an email notification setup for a specific branch.

Down the line you eventually move this branch/sub-branch - the associated email notification then changes to 0 assigned branches. I assume because since it is not in the location that it was created in, the notification module is unable to track the branch any longer.

While that in itself is an issue, you would then assume that perhaps it disables itself once it no longer has a branch to target making the event or trigger incomplete. However, not only does it remain active but it will now target all branches. Even though the notification now says 0 branches, it instead will trigger that event for any user/power user that meets the other conditions of the event - regardless of branch location.


Huge oversight, would like to see this patched or updated in some way with the new notifications module overhaul.

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