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  • 20 October 2021
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Who uses the Task List widget on your pages in Docebo?

We renamed it to ‘To do List’. 


Yes we have a ticket and has been for some time as the latency issue using the Task List Widget has become unbearable for a lot of our users (we just launched).

Question...what do you use for users to see ‘Not Started’, ‘In progress’, or ‘completed’ at a quick glance?


Thanks all!

4 replies

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HI @JenniferJames in one case, we actually use the Courses and Learning Plans widget and have created one for each status laid out across the page.



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@lrnlab Thank you. I”ll try these widgets and see if the rest of my Admins will like this better for the time being. 

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@JenniferJames we took the same approach as @lrnlab we created a custom “My Learning” page, with separate widgets for users’ learning plans, in progress, not started, and completed courses (in that order).

And on user’s home page we have smaller widgets, one with in progress and one with not started courses.

We run an in-person school and I’d like to use this widget to help students get their ducks in a row for coming onsite. Less of course-related reminders and more logistical. Possible?