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  • 7 October 2022
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Hello 1st post,  

Do any of you have examples of templates that you have used to approve content elements before they are uploaded to Docebo?  I have a number of departments that may want to upload courses and since there are so many elements, course outline, objectives, possible survey, certificate, testing and more.  Plus all of the settings that are available on a course: 

For example:

Enrollment options, timing options, sequetial or not and many more. 

I am looking to have a checklist/template that must be filled out so everything has been considered and is in one place so that the course can be uploaded by my very small team quickly and tested. 

We do have Discover Coach and Share -  but this is for actual course contact- although it may be shared it will be required in certain learning paths. 

Thank you in advance,


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