Docebo 2024 Release Schedule

  • 13 December 2023
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Docebo 2024 Release Schedule
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The new year is just around the corner and we’re excited to share our 2024 release schedule with you as well as a few changes we’re making to improve the experience! 


Here’s what you can expect:   

  • We’re moving from monthly product update releases to five releases next year, across all product lines. This will make it easier to manage revisions to your documentation, training, and platform procedures.
  • We’re increasing the time between Customer Sandbox and General Availability releases from six to eight weeks. This will give you more time to explore, learn, and adapt as needed to adopt and benefit from the platform changes
  • We’re moving from bi-monthly maintenance releases to weekly releases. This will allow us to provide bug  fixes to you even quicker. Please note: weekly releases include normal weekly maintenance (does not affect your platform/usage) every week and, most often, feature updates (does affect your platform/usage), however, there may be weeks when there are no feature updates and only the normal weekly maintenance is performed. In these weeks, no post will be published in the Product Updates section of the community as there is no relevant information to share.


You can check out this KB article for additional details.


Okay, what does this look like?

The exact dates are subject to change based on the discretion of Docebo, however, the release dates for 2024 are currently planned as follows: 


Customer Sandbox Updates

Product Updates

Dec 18, 2023

Starting February 26 | All platforms updated February 28

Mar 11, 2024

Starting May 20 | All platforms updated May 22

May 27, 2024

Starting July 15 | All platforms updated July 17

Jul 29, 2024

Starting September 30 | All platforms updated October 2

Oct 14, 2024

Starting December 2 | All platforms updated December 4

Dec 16, 2024 TBD


Note that while the updates begin on a Monday, the majority of your platforms will be completed by mid-day on the Wednesday of that week. Updates take place over a two-day period with Docebo SMB customers on day one and all remaining platforms on day two.


And where can you find out what’s in each update?

There are tons of resources to keep you in the loop on the features or changes coming out in each release:


If you have any questions, please leave them below and we’ll answer them for you!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️


7 replies

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Does this mean we can expect bulkier and more meaningful releases? Things lie enrolment archiving, Learning plans, catalogues, notificaitons seem to be stalled...

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^and many many more quality of life improvements bundled in to the flashy things like the December Sandbox release…..would be awesome.

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When will we be notified about or can we expect to see what’s in each Product Update? For those of us that schedule meetings to notify our admins about the updates, it would be helpful to have a general idea. 

Thank You! 

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Where will the Course and Learning Plan Player update fall on this new schedule?  We’ve been hearing June 2024 for months. But there isn’t a release scheduled for June above.  Will this be an off-cycle update or rolled into one of the others?  

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@michael.schmitt.mxp FYI

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For Learning Plans, will there be an “Activate for all” button like it was like for new Course Player OR will it be activated for all Power Users who have access to the Learning Plan menu on May 20th?

@Jay.Kolbenson Am I reading the release chart correctly that yesterday there should’ve been an July release in Sandbox? Or was this delayed due to the May GA release being pushed to the 20th?