Docebo and Changes to Chrome Third-Party Cookies

  • 10 January 2024
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As many of you know, Google has announced their new Tracking Protection feature for the Chrome browser. This feature will allow users greater control over how their data is tracked, and “third-party cookies will be restricted by default”. Currently, 1% of users have access to this feature and Google has stated their goal for a widespread release in Q3 2024.


The cookies created and used directly by Docebo for its operations are first party and will not be impacted by this change in Chrome. We have communicated with our vendors and can confirm that any impacted have made the necessary changes to avoid disruption of service.


We hope this addresses any concerns you may have regarding access to Docebo services via Chrome. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below 👇

4 replies

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Not a guru in this space, but I am having problems with 3rd party cookies and LTI course now. Since an update in the Google Chrome and Edge browsers it has broken.

Anyone else having this problem with LTI connections?

Anyone seeing search functionality on Docebo impacted by this change? We have a ticket from a user searching for a course inside of Docebo and only returning 2 results (when 40+ should be present) - when the same user accesses Docebo in Edge or Safari, the search results return the 40+ matches as expected,

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Thank you, both of you, for bringing up your concerns here. We appreciate your help in identifying potential issues 😊

@jckemv I’m glad to see that this behavior was resolved on your ticket! If you do see any further issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

@britt.ruedi I see that your issue is still ongoing. I’ll close the loop here once we learn more!

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We are seeing multiple users who, when they try to take any Docebo Content courses, their Chrome browsers completely freeze up. We do have a ticket open about this, but Support hasn’t mentioned any connection between the update described here to the behavior we are seeing. Any idea if this new change can impact Docebo Content courses?