Docebo Learn LMS Release Schedule 2023

  • 6 January 2023
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Docebo Learn LMS Release Schedule 2023
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It’s a brand new year which means it’s time to share the 2023 release schedule for Docebo Learn. As always, be sure to check out the detailed resources from Docebo Help, Docebo University and Docebo Community for each release. 


In 2023, we are focused on outcome based product updates to ensure that you experience high impact changes on your solutions.


Take a look at the below Q&A for more information on this year’s releases:

Is there a centralized location in the community where I can find more details on the Product feature and maintenance updates each month? 

There sure is! Your monthly product updates (for Docebo Learn and other Docebo solutions like Shape, Content, Connect and Learning Impact) will appear in our community Product Updates page on the last Thursday of each month. Be sure to subscribe to this page so you never miss an update!


What dates should I expect for product updates this year?

Exact dates are subject to change based on the discretion of Docebo, however, to ensure we’re providing you with stable, useful updates, the release dates for 2023 are currently planned as follows:


Mid-Month Maintenance Release and Customer Sandbox Updates

End-of-month Maintenance Release and Monthly Product Update

January 9

Starting January 23 | All platforms updated January 25

February 6

Starting February 20 | All platforms updated February 22

March 13

Starting March 27 | All platforms updated March 29

April 10

Starting April 24 | All platforms updated April 26

May 15

Starting May 29 | All platforms updated May 31

June 12

Starting June 26 | All platforms updated June 28

July 10

Starting July 24 | All platforms updated July 26

August 7

Starting August 21 | All platforms updated August 23

September 11

Starting September 25 | All platforms updated September 27

October 9

Starting October 23 | All platforms updated October 25

November 6

Starting November 20 | All platforms updated November 22

December 4

Starting December 18 | All platforms updated December 20 



Why does it say “Starting”, when will my platform be updated? 

While the updates begin on a Monday, the majority of your Docebo platforms will be completed by mid-day Wednesday. As it is today, updates take place over a two day period with Docebo SMB customers on day one and all remaining platforms on day two. 



If you have any other questions, please leave them below and we’ll answer them for you!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️

5 replies

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How far ahead of these releases, should we anticipate seeing a release readiness post with details about what’s coming?  

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Thank you for sharing this Docebo, very helpful!

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How far ahead of these releases, should we anticipate seeing a release readiness post with details about what’s coming?  


Hi @JHill1!

Thanks for reaching out! We post the Sandbox Update and the Product Round Up each month introducing features as they go live in the sandbox and platform respectively. In addition, we host a Product Release Readiness Webinar every month for our customers. With regards to information on what is coming ahead, our product team is working on sharing our plan for product with our customers very soon.

Do look out in the community as we hope to share a high level view very soon with you, similar to what our product team shared at our user conference (Inspire) in 2022.

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Do we have a 2024 schedule, by chance? :) 

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@captainzelda Here it is!