New course available in Docebo University: Docebo Learning Analytics

  • 1 June 2021
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Raise your hand if you see or hear comments like this around your office: :raising_hand_tone3:

“How do we know our learning content is making a difference?”
“What KPIs should we choose to evaluate our learning performance?”
“How can we show that what we’re doing is driving our company’s performance?”
“Can we show the CEO data that will help convince him that hiring a new course developer will drive sales or adoption rates?”

If you’re a typical L&D department, you’ve regularly encountered versions of these questions. That’s because it’s hard to measure learning content’s effects on business outcomes, and there aren’t tools out there that do it efficiently or well. 

Until now, that is. Welcome the newest member of the Docebo Product Suite: Docebo Learning Analytics. DLA is a learning intelligence platform that empowers users with clear, actionable data so they can see how learning programs drive business outcomes. :signal_strength:

We’ve created a course to introduce you to this exciting new product. Among other things, you’ll learn: 

1. Why evaluating learning results is necessary

2. Why evaluating learning results is difficult

3. What difference evaluating learning results can make for your organization

4. How evaluating learning results affects different learning stakeholders

5. How Docebo Learning Analytics (DLA) delivers this service

6. How Docebo Learning Analytics differs from Docebo Learning Impact

7. How to leverage Docebo Learning Analytics for best results

Sound exciting? We think it should! Check it out in Docebo University, and ask your questions about DLA in the comments! :point_down_tone1:


4 replies

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Hi ryan.woods,

So is there a cost to Docebo Learning Analytics? What is the difference between Google Analytics and Docebo Learning Analytics?


Hi Swatson, 

Learning Analytics is a new stand alone BI tool that is totally focused on learning data from any LMS.  It is a separate product and also has the ability to connect to your 3rd party business apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Ask Nicely and more.

The main differentiator from GA is that LA can help you use data to analyze the effectiveness of your learning programs and see how they are influencing your business KPIs.

Hope that helps.

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@Swatson adding to @Jason’s helpful overview, you can also use Learning Analytics to capture, measure, and compare Google Analytics data to other important data from your learning programs. You can think of DLA as a “one stop shop” to report on data from any of the tools that you use to run your learning program, or any tools that your learning program might have direct impact on.


There is indeed an added cost for Learning Analytics since it’s a separate product from Docebo Learn. You can get in touch with your CXM to better understand the cost!

Is there way to access the DU courses related to DLA product. The link above results into access denied error page