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  • 10 October 2023
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You may have gone to create a Support ticket recently and noticed something is different! On September 5th, 2023, we updated the Support request form Areas to reflect new, streamlined categories.


Previously, there were over 100 categories and sub-categories that did not fully align with the structure of our products, This made tracking less accurate for us and ticket submission more tedious for our customers. It is our hope that the recent changes will help alleviate these issues.


The updated Area categories are listed here on our Knowledge Base. You can also find them below:




Admin Menu -- Requests that involve Items listed under the "Admin Menu" heading within the "Admin Settings."
Admin Menu Core functionality Items listed under the "E-Learning" subheading within the "Admin Settings."
Admin Menu Discover Coach & Share Items listed under the "Discover, Coach,& Share" subheading within the "Admin Settings."
Admin Menu Settings Items listed under the "Settings" subheading within the "Admin Settings."
Admin Menu Theme Settings Items listed under the "Theme Settings" subheading within the "Admin Settings."
Admin Menu Communication Center Inquiries seeking assistance through the "Help Center" icon, conveniently positioned beside the admin settings.
API -- Requests that involve API Troubleshooting and assistance related issues
Applications & add-ons -- Request that involve adding or removing appliications on the platform. Conveniently located at the top of the Admin Settings panel.
Service Request -- Requests that involve administrative inquiries related to client platform services.
Service Request Activate App Acitvate an app on the platform or from the the backend
Service Request Platform Sync Production and Sandbox platform sync requests
Service Request Enable Chat Enable support chat services (Intercom)
Service Request Billing & Docebo Billing and Docebo Account related puposes
Service Request Zendesk Account Service Zendesk account activation services
Docebo Content -- Requests that involve Docebo Content
Docebo Content Content Issue Requests involving the content itself (course deprecation, missing images/videos)
Docebo Content Configuration Requests related to the content Marketplace and content providers
Notifications -- Requests that involve platform Notification related issues
Mobile App -- Requests that involve Mobile App (Go.Learn) related issues
Performance -- Requests that involve Platform Performance related issues
Reports -- Requests that involve Report related issues (New reports, legacy reports, course reports)
Security -- Requests that involve Security related issues
Salesforce -- Requests that involve Salesforce Related issue
Salesforce User Sync Requests related to the User Synchronization
Salesforce Courses Sync Requests related with the Course Synchronization
Salesforce Enrollment Sync Requests related to the Enrollment Synchronization
Salesforce Embedded View Requests related with the Embedder Options
Salesforce Other/ TBD Requests related with other SF activities (Notifications, Logs, Settings)
Single Sign-On -- Requests that involve Single Sign-On (SSO) issues and also SAML and ID providers
Subscriptions -- Requests that involve Subscription related issues (Bundles, Plans, Transactions,Manage seats)
UI/UX -- Requests that involve UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) related to (Missing buttons, Slow performance)
UI/UX Learner Issue Requests related with learnres (Learners not able to access the platform, error messages, performance issue)
UI/UX Admin Issue Requests related to Admins (Settings issue, error navigating pages, performance issue)
Docebo Connect -- Requests that involve Docebo Connect related issues
Docebo Connect Recipes Requests related to recipe creation and the automated workflow conducted via implemented recipes.
Docebo Connect Connections Requests related to create connections to 3rd party applications and managing the associated triggers and actions.
Docebo Connect Reporting Requests related to Connect reports
Docebo Flow -- Requests related to Docebo Flow
Docebo Learning Impact -- Requests related to DLI (Docebo Learning Impact)
Docebo Shape -- Requests related to Docebo Shape
Docebo Learning Analytics -- Requests related to Docebo Learning Analytics
Docebo University --

Requests related to DU (Login issues, Credentials, Enrollments)


If you have any further questions regarding the new Areas, please leave a comment below! ⬇️

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