Allowing learners to choose which activity to complete in a course

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I have the following scenario, and cannot figure out how to set it up in a course:


There are 3 course activities: A, B, and C: I want to set it so that C is mandatory, but EITHER A or B are required (user will select the one to complete based on their role).

I know that you can set pre-requisites (e.g., making either A, B, or both required before the learner can access C), or set it to random order with C as the object for course completion. However, in these scenarios, you must specify which specific activities the learners need to complete OR not force them to complete either one. I want them to be required to complete one, but allow them to select which one (of the first two assignments).

Thank you!

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Hi @abaumgard you could mark object C as the “end object marker” however this would not protect from user not completing A and/or B. Maybe you could place A & B in a folder and make the title something like, “Complete either A or B from this list”.


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I will try using a folder for A and B.