any certificate available from Docebo Content (Go1)?

Does anyone know the official certificates (made by the content provider) are available in Docebo Content (Go1)? 
Or we can only use the certificate function in Docebo Learn?

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Morning @mamh951 

I believe the certificates are not available once you import the courses (I have a setup where we review courses on the Go1 site directly and we do get a chance to get a certificate - but that is only there).

I believe you have to use the certificate function in Docebo learn.This may differ with the few courses that offer CEs/CEUs by professional organizations and that look to issue those certificates via the courseware.

@dklinger Thank you for your sharing.
So you mean, even though the certificates are available in the original platform (let’s say Coursera) we can’t give it to the learners because we import the courses through Docebo Content (marketplace)?

I was hoping the certificates from Harvard ManageMentor to be added to the users in LMS which might motivate learners a lot… ;(