Any ILT Gurus Out there?

  • 4 January 2023
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Hi all - I’m really struggling with the ILT sessions and make it work for ANY of my use case scenarios. Is there anyone that can help?

Here’s one example. 

Each quarter we offer vendor training at a cost to our departments with a limited number of spots. Right now we are using a google form for enrollments because we have to get approval from the manager AND make sure they understand that there is a cost associated. 

  • Problem 1 - I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to do the approval of when someone enrolls. Is this a notification that I need to set up? I have it ‘Pending Admin Approval’ on the course and enabling the Waiting List but I’m not sure how that works. Does this mean that only the SuperAdmin (ie me) can approve this? And if so, that doesnt really work / I don’t see where to do this approval. 
  • Problem 2 - There is no nofication that I can find that is sent to the manager letting them know that their direct report enrolled into the course. Am I missing it?

Overall - I just need some help 😕 There has to be something the system can do to help us but I just can’t seem to figure out. 

Thank you in advance! 

4 replies

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Hi @dandrews to your first point, there is a specific notifications for ILT approvals called, User waiting to be approved to an ILT session (this can go to managers) + you can also enable one to users once they are approved, User approved into ILT session. There is no option to send one to a manager though.

As for the course enrolment notice, the one called, User enrolled in a course, can be set to go managers.

Note that each template can be configure many times with different criteria so in the latter case, you would create one for users, and another to go to the managers.

Hope this helps


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Could you also utilize the “waitlist” status on this issue?  I know I use it if I want to control how many are in an session/event and I get an email notification which then allows me to approve or deny and the user receives a notification as such.  Just a thought.

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Thank you @lrnlab and @monica.cheek for the suggestions! I’m hoping to revisit this in the coming months. 

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Your very welcome.  Please reach out if you get stuck or have any additional questions.  I know this piece very well :) @dandrews!