Any tips for troubleshooting new user CSV upload errors

  • 21 September 2022
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Hi all

When bulk creating new users via CSV, there will often be errors whereby the user already exists (we use the email address for the username). The error report lists the email addresses affected, but does not provide any further insights, such as which branch they already exist in. This means I need to take each affected email address and manually search for it. Even then, it is not clear what branch they are in - I need to open their full details and go to the Branches tab.  

I have a hunch there must be a better way. Anyone got any suggestions?  


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Hi @Alan yes this can be quite painful to reconcile...I usually extract a full user report and on the error log, break out the usernames in 1 column...then I can use a simple VLOOKUP formula in excel to find those that already exist and go from there.