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Approving Observation Checklists

  • 27 July 2021
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Does anyone know how a manager views and fills out an Observation Checklist? I have created the OC, assigned the manager, and created the notification. The notification goes through and the manager receives email/bell notification, but cannot get to the checklist to actually fill it out. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


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Hey @jschmutz!


Admittedly I am not as expert on Checklists as I’d like to be, but I’m fairly certain these should be accessed through the built in My Checklists page. You’ll want to add this page to your menus so your managers can access the area and subsequently, the checklists. I believe the page offers some filtering for: checklists assigned to them, checklists where they are a approver, checklists they do on behalf of others, etc. On a semi-related note, we’ll be adding checklist to mobile soon! (currently planned for September if all goes well)


The article Completing Observation Checklists as a User or Manager includes information about the My Checklists page for managers in the Managing and Filling Out Observation Checklists as a Manager section.



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Thank you so much! I never saw that step in any of the Docebo articles but that was the issue. Thank you again!

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HI @jschmutz the manager can also access from the My Teams page as shown below