Automated Emails for Users without a Session Chosen

  • 12 January 2022
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I have ILT Courses that have several different sessions. A common problem I run into is having learners register for the course and never choose a session. Is there a way to set up a notification so that anyone who hasn’t chosen session but is registered will receive reminders to choose one?


4 replies

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That’s a good candidate for a product enhancement idea. We’d like to see this option as well, especially when a manager is enrolling their team members in an ILT, there is no way for the manager to select a session, and no way for the person enrolled to learn that they need to do it on their own.

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Yes. Me too! We are having to pull a Users - Course report and a User - Session report and do a formula to find the users that are enrolled in the course and not the session, then send a comm. if the system could automatically trigger comms to users not enrolled in sessions, that would be a huge lift for us since we have over ~1000 courses and can’t possible pull this data and do this manually for every one of them. Maybe @erin.brisson can take a look since she’s posted about some great notifications in the past :)

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@Brody40 @alekwo @carol.johnson2 

Hi all, this is a great idea! So great, in fact, that someone else had the same thought and posted an idea. Please feel free to go to the link below and upvote the idea/comment:


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Created this just now