Automation app - User Creation Issues (New profile for name changes, and overwrite for same fullname/username)

  • 7 February 2023
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We have encountered a critical situation with our user automation and I am looking for options. I’m hoping anyone might have encountered the same issue and can share any solutions or workarounds since it’s of a technical nature.

In short, we’re experiencing issues with how Docebo handles uniqueness amongst the profiles. Here are the 2 scenarios I’m dealing with:

  1. A user changes his/her name with our ID Team and they have a new Username/NT login. A duplicate account is created in Docebo and the original account is “abandoned”. The new account is treated as a brand new user and gets assigned training that they may have already completed.
    1. Betty Pitts is original user. She is married and is now Betty Irons. We end up with 2 accounts because uniqueness in Docebo is checked against the Username (rather than the Employee ID or another field we have setup)
    2. We have a manual process right now to check daily for users with different usernames but same employee ID (additional field). We then manually merge them.


  1. A user is hired that has the same username/network ID that a previously hired employee had. Despite having other unique information (such as the additional Employee ID field), Docebo only checks for uniqueness with the username. It locates the older employees profile, restores it as active, and overwrites/updates the user data.
    1. Betty Smith (EID 1234) worked for the company in 2022. She is deactivated and we retain her training information for possible HR reasons/unemployment/etc. A new Betty Smith (EID 9876) is hired in 2023. She has the same username/NT login; because her username is the same, she is reactivated and has history of training that isn’t actually hers.
    2. Because the old data is being overwritten, I cannot create a manual process to check for this. I need to “get ahead” of these types of changes by having my IT and HR departments tell me, but this really isn’t possible.

Can we discuss options that are available and how other people may be handling this situation? I’ve read some on the Community for Scenario #1, but not so much on Scenario #2.

2 replies

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that’s pretty much how it works if you change the primary key (username) for your data...only way to get around this would be to make the username change before you run your import, OR MERGE the old profile into the new one then delete the old one.

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@raffy The other comment I’d add is that “betty smith 1234” shouldn’t be given the same F/L name as “betty smith 9876”. I’d think your IT group would want to use something 100% unique like “betty jane smith 9876”. Maybe it could be a discussion point with them.