Best practice for on-demand ILT sessions?

  • 20 January 2022
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I’m currently working on a project that offers optional 1-on-1 sessions via the Zoom integration (in addition to several other ILTs). The 1-on-1 sessions are scheduled on demand, so I can’t add sessions. For consistency in the user experience, I was thinking of creating an ILT just like for the other types of session (so that all VLT sessions can go into a catalog). And then add an email address to contact in the description instead of adding sessions or events.


Any thoughts on that setup or suggestions how to do that better?

2 replies

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Hi @LSP you could also enable the waitlist to capture “interest” and then when you schedule the events you can assign the users to the sessions. You might want to capture the user’s preferences with an Enrolment Additional field (although you cannot extract this info in a report sadly)…

Don't recall if the waitlist works without sessions but if you intend to use the Enrolment Additional field, I suspect you’ll need to create a ‘fake’ session to capture that information.

Not the most elegant solution but it keeps things in your LMS

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Thanks @lrnlab! I’ll probably go with asking users to send an email to schedule a meeting instead. Thanks for the idea though, it’s interesting to see what workarounds are possible.