Best practices to manage the virtual coach in a multi-domain platform

  • 25 March 2022
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Recently we moved to a multi-domain set up on our platform. People in one domain (employees)  are seeing recommendations of courses that are only available to people in the other domain (customers). We definitely don't want  customers seeing recommendation for employee-only content.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m interested on how to manage this better.

3 replies

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Hi @TrishAH , we don’t use the virtual coach here, but I would assume that recommendations would work in the same way as the standard AI suggestions. 

I would guess it would be down to the visibility of the catalogues that the courses are stored in?  Do your employees have access to those catalogues?  You may need to change the visibility of all the catalogues to only show for the relevant groups.

This may help, or it may be completely wrong, but worth a look 😊


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@Neil Patterson It would be great if it were as you say, which it what we thought.

I have a call into the Help Desk and will report my findings. 

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@TrishAH What did you find out from the Help Desk?  We’ve just discovered that this is happening on our multi-domain platform too.

We’ve checked to see that the user is assigned to only one domain (domain A), that the learning plans/courses are visible to only one domain (domain B)


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